At The 10th aging spine & injectable therapeutics hybrid conference, Dr. Mohamed Abdel Aal in the degenerative lumbar & cervical spine session gave an important talk about pedicle screw designs in spinal surgery and the differences, Dr. Mohamed’s talk was very crucial in defining the different designs and procedures for different patients, the talk was very informative for fellow doctors and colleagues. It paved the way for understanding the need and use for different screws, when and what to use in spinal surgery, Dr. Mohamed presentation was very through and concluded all the information regarding the topic. The presentation was for 10 minutes however, the impact was everlasting for having such an informative subject explained in such an educational manner. At the end, Dr. Mohamed summarized all the important points covered and concluded on the best practices, and ended the Q&A session by providing additional information and answering related questions, giving vital information in reference with the topic.