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S ince its fondation in 2009, Smart Tech Solution is considered as one of the leading suppliers of external fixator and ilizarov products in Egypt working with 21 distributor offices across the country. Staring with a 150 sqm facility located in the east of Cairo, facility had one machinist, one CNC machine and a team of dedicated engineers. Due to customers trust and satisfaction, Smart Tech Solution relocated to 1,200 sqm facility in 2013, increased machining capacity and was able to reach 70% market share in external fixator and ilizarov.
In 2016, Smart tech Solution was encouraged by its customers to have more product offerings, because they believed that Smart Tech Solution is always seeking precision in manufacturing.

Throughout our history, Smart Tech Solution operated with originators purpose to maintain a reputation for superior quality, supply and prices.

Superior Quality & Competitive Pricing

Manufacturing the established products in different therapeutic segments.

Focusing our sales on what we manufacture only with cost-effective inventory management of raw materials and end products thus, allowing us to accommodate price pressure without compromising implant quality or investments in increasing production capacity.

Manufacturing by CNC machines offering mass production and 100% in-process inspection leading to sustainable product quality and less rejections.